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2011-2016 Strategic Plan


Sigma Sigma Sigma will provide exceptional personal empowerment and leadership development for women that will lead to individual and organizational success.

To accomplish this, Tri Sigma will do the following:

  • Enhance the member/chapter support system.
  • Continually enhance and develop our mission driven national leadership programs.
  • Develop a staffing model that is dynamic, innovative, and flexible.
  • Develop a plan to evaluate Walton House and National Headquarters technical and physical space needs to support expanding staff and desire to expand its historical presence.
  • Develop a learning task force.
  • Be the industry leader within the women’s fraternal organizational community, leadership, education and professional development.
  • Develop an intentional volunteer model.
  • Provide opportunities for meaningful volunteerism for both collegiate and alumnae chapters and members


Sigma Sigma Sigma will be positioned as a character and values-based, mission driven, innovative and progressive organization.

To accomplish this, Tri Sigma will do the following:
  • Improve organizational impact through innovative, relationship building brand strategy.


Sigma Sigma Sigma will exhibit purposeful growth in all areas of membership to provide for the long-term health and stability of the organization.

To accomplish this, Tri Sigma will do the following:
  • Aim to make sure that 98% of chapters are annually at Campus Total and pledging quota.
  • Focus new chapter development on campus compatibility and strength.
  • Provide necessary resources to enable growth and effectively carry out Tri Sigma’s mission.
  • Enhance partnership with the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation.
  • Develop a Strategy that defines how technology should be utilized as part of the Organization.

Character Education

Sigma Sigma Sigma will integrate an organizational framework of character education for values-based living.

To accomplish this, Tri Sigma will do the following:
  • Develop a “roll-out” strategy to introduce the CC! Initiative to our members and stakeholders.
  • Continue to integrate character education into Tri Sigma leadership programming.
  • Apply the framework of CC! to our current guiding documents, policies, operating procedures, and programs.
  • Create evaluation and assessment tools to measure the progress and changes within the organization as a result of the implementation of the CC! Initiative.
  • Integrate a framework of CC! into our Volunteerism Model which includes service, philanthropy, and civic engagement.
  • Create an annual financial plan for the CC! Initiative.
  • Create a CC! Initiative succession plan.
  • Collaborate with the Foundation to develop a CC! Initiative strategy


Sigma Sigma Sigma will create and sustain a culture of assessment that furthers our mission and drives our decision-making.

To accomplish this, Tri Sigma will do the following:
  • Systematically assess student learning and development.
  • Systematically assess alumnae and volunteer satisfaction.
  • Assess the quality of the lifelong Tri Sigma experience.
  • Annually benchmark against external and internal measures.
  • Utilize assessment data in strategic planning, curriculum planning and chapter process planning.

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