Family Support & Involvement

The support of family—whatever that means to each member—is encouraged and welcomed. When it comes to the Tri Sigma in your life, we’re in this together!

Starting college is a transformative experience for students, marked by new friendships, academic changes, and personal growth. For many young women, joining a sorority adds an extra layer of excitement and community to their college journey. Whether you’re new to fraternity/sorority life or you’ve been waiting for years to share this moment, it’s natural to have questions and concerns. We’ve compiled some information to help you get to know Tri Sigma and the lifetime sisterhood that awaits. 

Tri Sigma is more than just a social organization—it’s a supportive sisterhood that fosters personal development, leadership skills, and lifelong friendships. In 1898, Tri Sigma was founded on the guiding values of wisdom, power, faith, hope, and love. Today, those same values honor our commitment to fostering a member-first culture that equips, enables, and empowers women to be their very best selves. Learn more about what we stand for.

Friends and family are often concerned about how to be supportive while still respecting the newfound freedom that college provides. Here are some ways you can support your favorite Tri Sigma:

  • Encourage open communication with your daughter about her decision to join Tri Sigma. Ask her about her experiences, the values she appreciates in the sorority, and how it contributes to her personal growth. Keep the lines of communication open to ensure that she feels comfortable sharing her sorority experiences with you.
  • Sororities often engage in various activities, from philanthropy events to social gatherings. Encourage your daughter to strike a healthy balance between sorority commitments, academics, and personal time. This balance is crucial for her overall well-being and success in college.
  • Attend family weekend, Founders Day or chapter philanthropic events.
  • Consider shopping at, Tri Sigma’s official boutique, for her next gift.
  • Be mindful of conflict. Business can mix with pleasure. Create an open dialog with your daughter about the relationships she has and help her learn how to resolve conflict effectively. Tri Sigma uses Douglas Stone’s strategy outlined In Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most.

Our philanthropic focus, Sigma Serves Children, is one of the many ways our members experience the importance of serving causes greater than ourselves. Through our partnerships with the March of Dimes and Tri Sigma Foundation, our members advocate, raise awareness, host local fundraising events, and make an impact on their local communities.

Supporting local fundraising and community service events can strengthen your bond and demonstrate the positive impact of sorority life. You can also make a gift to the Foundation in honor of your daughter’s initiation/birthday/election to a leadership position.

There’s a common trope when it comes to fraternity/sorority life—you get out of it what you put into it. While some dive in head first with goals of becoming a chapter leader, intramural champion, or scholarship recipient, others prefer to participate in a more casual manner. Whatever their preference, collegiate members of Tri Sigma should:

  • Be excited about attending events with chapter sisters
  • Focus on academics
  • Communicate positive messages instead of those indicating fear or intimidation
  • Be held accountable for actions and appropriate behavior
  • Learn new things about herself through her Tri Sigma experiences
  • Develop leadership and personal development skills
  • Serve the local and campus community
  • Feel supported by chapter members

Having a child go off to college can be a confusing time when it comes to balancing showing support and knowing when to intervene. Here are some times to speak up or ask more questions about:

  • Lack of study time (a normal Tri Sigma week includes 5-7 hours of meetings/activities)
  • Not feeling included or supported by the chapter
  • Required programming past 10 p.m. on a weeknight
  • Significant or sudden academic decline
  • Strange or secretive behavior*
  • Excessive drinking
  • Running errands for members
  • Being required to carry specific items at all times
  • Required individual chores or activities performed outside the entire membership
  • Excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, or mental exhaustion

Tri Sigma has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against hazing and is a sponsor of the Anti-Hazing Hotline, an anonymous, toll-free hotline anyone can use to report hazing. Any woman found accountable for hazing will no longer have the privilege of membership. We encourage all sisters, new members, and parents to call (888) 668-4293 if you have any concerns about hazing within a chapter. You may also submit via an online form.

If you have any concerns about policy violations, contact National Headquarters here.