Member Development

Tri Sigma’s innovative programs are designed for lifelong learning and skill development with emerging leaders, volunteers, and seasoned professionals participating at all levels.

Our member development framework cultivates a lifelong affinity to the organization as well as qualities of social excellence, human dignity, well-being, self-awareness, communication, and organizational leadership. 




New Member Programming

New members receive comprehensive education and training focused on friendship, character, leadership, and conduct to help them excel within Tri Sigma and beyond. Collegiate chapters host sisterhood events and retreats throughout the year that provide additional support, connection, and education opportunities.

New members are also paired with an older, initiated member to guide them through sorority life. This “Big Sis” relationship is designed to provide an additional layer of support.

Program Offerings
Essential Sigma Resources

In addition to structured programs such as The Academy and Convention, Tri Sigma also offers a variety of self-guided learning opportunities and resources within Essential Sigma. Learn more about some of our offerings below.