Coming to Coastal Fall 2024!

We are so excited to be part of the Coastal community once again! Whether you’re alreadyi interested in sorority life or you’re looking for a different kind of experience, we want to get to know you. Sign up to be contacted about future events!

Empowering Women Since 1898

Tri Sigma was founded on the guiding values of wisdom, power, faith, hope, and love.

More than a Sorority

Tri Sigma redefines sisterhood. It’s more than late-night conversations and laughing until it hurts. It’s more than walking a well-paved path on the way to all new experiences. It’s more than an enduring commitment to personal growth and making a positive impact on the world. It’s about becoming who you want to be and finding the people who you want by your side.

Let's Get Acquainted!

Being part of Tri Sigma means joining a worldwide network of women who support, inspire, and motivate each other to reach their full potential.

Collegiate officers at The Academy.

Endless Opportunities

In addition to a welcoming sisterhood, Tri Sigma provides opportunities for lifelong personal and professional development and a path for members to be successful in academic, professional, and personal settings, including their communities. Joining our chapter at Coastal will accelerate your leadership and personal development opportunities even more as you build new traditions and reach new milestones among the Teal and Bronze!

Chapter members celebrating bid day.
Chapter members celebrating a birthday.
Two collegiate chapters from University of Louisiana Lafayette celebrating bid day.
Two collegiate members celebrating bid day.
Chapter members celebrating graduation.

Tri Sigma Insignia

Coat of Arms

Sketched by Harriet Hankins, Alpha, around 1902, the significance of the Coat of Arms is revealed to members following their initiation.


Adopted as the official symbol at the 1974 Convention, the sails always appear full to represent an empowered sisterhood that is always moving forward.


The official flower is the purple violet, as they were in bloom in Farmville at the time of our founding and were gathered the morning of the first initiation ceremony.


Although not official until 1909, the pearl has been our designated jewel since our founding and first appeared formally on the member badge in 1903.


The skull & crossbones appear on our member badge. It symbolizes our closed motto which is known only to initiated members.


Adopted in 1903, the badge design is reflective of the Triangle Degree—Tri Sigma’s second degree of membership—and is worn only by initiated members.

Volunteer Opportunities ​

Tri Sigma would not be the organization it is today without the time and talent of our volunteers. By offering their mentorship, leadership, and support, volunteers help shape the experiences and growth of our members. If you’re interested in helping the Zeta Chi Chapter thrive, we want to hear from you!