The Sigma Experience

Tri Sigma redefines sisterhood. It’s more than late-night conversations and laughing until it hurts. It’s more than walking a well-paved path on the way to all new experiences. It’s more than an enduring commitment to personal growth and making a positive impact on the world. It’s about becoming who you want to be and finding the people who you want by your side.

Why Tri Sigma?

Joining Tri Sigma means becoming a part of a worldwide sisterhood of women who support, inspire, and motivate each other to reach their full potential.


Build lifelong friendships and join a world-wide network of 140,000+ women.


Become the very best version of yourself and inspire those around you to do the same.


Make lasting memories within a fun, welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment.​


Leave your mark and make the world a better place by serving causes greater than yourself.​

How to Join

Each campus has different timing and processes for joining a sorority, so we recommend contacting the College Panhellenic, Greek Life, or Student Activities office at your college or university. If you are an incoming college student, you’ll probably receive more information during orientation. Register for recruitment or learn more about ongoing membership opportunities through continuous open bidding. With more than 100 collegiate chapters across the United States, Tri Sigma is never too far away.

Endless Opportunities

In addition to a welcoming sisterhood, Tri Sigma provides opportunities for lifelong personal and professional development and a path for members to be successful in academic, professional, and personal settings, including their communities. From the very first new member meeting to our Golden Violet members of 50+ years, we are here to enrich the lives of all our members through better communication, creative and critical thinking, social excellence, collaboration, mentorship, and more.

We’re in this Together

College life can be overwhelming. Adding a sorority membership to a new schedule can be difficult to manage. Love and support from home can make this transition a positive one. The support of family—whatever that means to each member—can mean the difference between a good and great sorority experience.