Collegiate Leadership & Support Structure Changes

Collegiate chapter officers at The Academy 2023

Tri Sigma has announced a new collegiate chapter leadership structure designed to create a more streamlined and efficient system for chapters. This change hopes to alleviate many of the struggles chapters have faced, such as long committee meetings, unbalanced responsibilities, cluttered officer communication, and a lack of clarity of roles and reporting.

Additionally, the new position titles are more in line with similar post-collegiate professional roles, and the revised structure more closely reflects those in corporate settings.

Tri Sigma’s new collegiate leadership structure consists of an 8-person officer team, as well as 10 manager positions, three additional optional positions based on chapter needs, and the opportunity for as many chapter advisory positions as needed to support the chapter. Chapters with less than 20 members eligible to serve in these positions follow the Minimalistic Leadership Structure (MLS) that combines officer responsibilities resulting in a 4-person officer team.

The new structure aims to provide:

  • Transferable real-world experience for our members
  • Further development of leaders who guide the direction of the chapter
  • Increased effectiveness in addressing individual member and chapter needs
  • Streamlined communication channels both locally and nationally

We look forward to offering more specific leadership development opportunities, as well as additional training, resources, and targeted communications.

The Chapter Advisory Board structure has been updated to better support chapter leaders and provide C.A.B.s with the autonomy to recruit advisors to serve on the board.

The new roles will begin in January 2024.