Tri Sigma Announces New Department, Member Development Framework

Throughout the past few years, Tri Sigma has provided updates on the member needs and opportunities revealed in the 2021 Membership Assessment and its impact on our strategic plan. Based on those who participated, 38% of alumnae were still engaged because of lifelong learning and personal development opportunities received through Tri Sigma. Additionally, 53% felt programming outcomes met their needs, and 60% believed Tri Sigma helped prepare them to succeed after college.

As such, Tri Sigma NHQ has merged its information technology and programming staff to create the Enablement Department. Led by Associate Executive Director of Enablement Lorin Phillips, Alpha Upsilon, the new department is responsible for creating, developing, delivering, and evolving programs that enhance productivity, streamline processes, and provide programming and development opportunities, training and onboarding, and more. An advisory team was also created to help inform this work.

A Member-Development-Framework was created that aims to develop member affinity through fulfilling experiences. It will include the following for the 2023−24 academic year:

  • Updated new member workbooks and the implementation and training of New Member Orientation Leaders.
  • Downloadable member transcripts outlining completed educational offerings and study skills certification. These can be used to supplement a resume or describe competencies within the context of an employment interview.
  • A chapter-led Member Success Series for collegiate chapters, as well as reimagined Virtual Leadership Symposiums offering joint collegiate/alumnae learning experiences like the recent offering featuring Dr. Mari Ann Callais which received 0 rave reviews.
  • Expanded health promotion programming that extends beyond traditional harm prevention and mental wellbeing. Additions include education surrounding building inclusive communities, prescription drug misuse, and CannabisEDU.
  • Collegiate debrief guides to accompany required chapter-wide learning to provide an opportunity for relationship-building, member discussion and guided consideration on applying the content to personal, academic, and professional environments.
  • An enhanced catalog of opportunities in Essential Sigma, including onboarding for new endeavors such as New Member Orientation, Alumnae and Collegiate Chapter Leader Training & Transition, and national volunteer and C.A.B. service.
  • Regional in-person collegiate officer experiences will begin in 2025. The department hopes to expand offerings over the next three years to include additional certificate programs, expanded onboarding and training, and more virtual and in-person opportunities aimed at promoting leadership development and member success.


All Tri Sigma members already have access to a variety of engaging opportunities and learning modules in Essential Sigma. This resource-rich library caters to the educational needs of collegians, alumnae, and volunteers alike, empowering them to enhance their knowledge and skills. Learn more by logging into Sigma Connect » Essential Sigma.