Tri Sigma Eliminates Legacy Policy

Tri Sigma has announced the elimination of its longstanding legacy policy. Defined as a sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter, niece, stepdaughter, stepmother, or stepsister of an initiated member, legacies have historically received an automatic invitation to the second round of Primary Recruitment.

Along with this change, chapters are no longer required to place legacies at the top of the bid list after the final round, nor are they required to receive approval from National Headquarters before releasing a legacy.

Recognizing the importance of equitable consideration for all women seeking membership in Tri Sigma, Executive Council voted in favor of eliminating the current legacy policy. We are confident this change will allow for greater opportunities for membership and empower our collegiate members to have the autonomy to make their own membership selection decisions.

Tri Sigma will continue to recognize and celebrate Tri Sigma legacies, but potential new members who are legacies will no longer receive preferential treatment during the recruitment process.

Sororities were founded during a time in our country’s history when women’s rights were limited. Being allowed to attend colleges and universities provided exciting opportunities, and being a part of a sorority enabled women to build friendships and offer support to one another. Even though membership has been open to all women, historical data shows that has not always been the case. While we regretfully cannot change history, we can ensure the Tri Sigma of today is a welcoming place to all potential new members.