Tri Sigma Announces Plans to Relocate Headquarters to North Carolina

Sigma Sigma Sigma chapter house.

Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority has announced that the organization’s Executive Council has officially approved the relocation of its national headquarters to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The decision came after an extensive review of a detailed, third-party feasibility study on the physical space needs of the administrative offices and archives. Several factors were considered, including the evolving needs of the organization and the cost of maintaining two properties—one of which was built in 1914.

“During the past few years, many organizations across all industries and sectors have reimagined the use of physical office spaces. With 75 percent of Tri Sigma’s full-time staff working remotely across 12 states, the operating needs of our organization have evolved,” said National President Joyce Newcom O’Daniel. “This move will allow us to dedicate a larger percentage of resources to serving the needs of our collegiate and alumnae members.”

The new headquarters will be located in the facility previously occupied by Tri Sigma’s Delta Delta Chapter at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is owned by Tri Sigma, has an ADA-compliant ground floor, and is close to a major airport. In addition to making travel to NHQ more accessible to staff, volunteers, and other visitors, its proximity to three major universities will also provide expanded opportunities for larger in-person meetings and events.

While Woodstock has been Tri Sigma’s longest-running base of operations, it was not the first. Prior to Sigma’s purchase of the Walton House in the 1960s, the national office had previously moved to wherever the current national president lived.

“Woodstock, Virginia, will forever have an important place in Tri Sigma’s history. As we honor our time here and those who played a role in that part of our history, we also look forward to our next chapter,” said O’Daniel. “This decision looks toward our future and keeping Tri Sigma moving ever forward.”

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